Approved Standards for Green Construction

EPD Approval for Concrete

Thanks to the development efforts of the group’s Technology Division and Environmental Quality
department, a full LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) procedure was carried out, which gives most of the
products manufactured by Readymix a registered EPD mark, and places it as the only concrete
manufacturer in the construction field that meets the requirements of advanced international

EPD Approval for Concrete B-30 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-30
EPD Approval for Concrete B-40 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-40
EPD Approval for Concrete B-50 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-50

EPD Approval for Concrete B-60 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-60

Marine Environment Mortar Base Layer Mortar
Exterior Mortar Floor Mix Mortar
FM Fast Mortar Interior Mortar

Green Mark

As a group that has made the subject of sustainability a priority, we make sure to use
environmentally friendly materials, and even make sure to produce the following products as
products with a green label

Ready Mortar Products
Kiryat Bialik Plant
Ready Mortar Products
Modiim Plant
Redy Mortar Products
Ashdod Plant

TOPMIX Products TOPMIX Thermal plaster

Development and Landscape Products

Standard 5098 Radiation Emissions