Development and landscape Products

Development and landscape Products

Readymix Concrete Products Group is expanding and developing in the field of products for the Israeli construction industry.
The Group manufactures and supplies a wide range of development and landscape products nationwide, with an emphasis on environmental conservation.
All products are manufactured under intense quality control, approved by the Israeli Standard mark in accordance with Green Building Standards.

מוצרי פיתוח ונוף - אריחי ריצוף

Flooring Tiles and Integrated Stones

Readymix Concrete Products manufactures and supplies a wide and rich variety of street and garden tiles in a selection of sizes, shades, styles and finishes (polished, chiseled and more).
All products are manufactured in accordance with Israeli Standards and ISO Standards while preserving quality, safety and the environment.

אריחי רחוב וגן

Curbstone, Borders and Stairs

The Readymix Concrete Products has variety of complementary products for tiles such as: curbstones and garden stones, border stones and stairs.
These products are essential in parking arrangements, floor levels and/or at the borderline between sidewalks and the road. The products stand the test with increased traffic, severe weather and sever bumps, according to the strict requirements of Israeli standards.

אבני שפה תיחום ומדרגות

Street and Garden Furniture

The Readymix Group Concrete Products has developed a line of unique street and garden furniture products that meet the requirements of users and architects, alike. The egg shape shapes the space in an original way and brings a contemporary touch. The pleasant appearance of a processed visible concrete mix that blends very aesthetically with the green spaces and the built areas. All items are modular so that they can be placed in a variety of options: continuously or facing each other, in order to create an atmosphere of sharing between users.

ריהוט רחוב וגן