The Environment

The Readymix Group is Environment-Friendly

We are committed to the environment in which we live. This is done by examining the impact of our operations on the environment, helping to preserve the biodiversity in their natural environment, and raising awareness among our stakeholders.


קבוצת רדימיקס ידידותית לסביבה

The "Beautiful and Sustainable Industry in a Beautiful Israel" Competition

The Council for a Beautiful Israel holds a yearly competition – the “Beautiful and Sustainable Industry in a Beautiful Israel”, which aims to increase awareness of the need to care for and preserve Israel´s environment and natural beauty among people from all sectors of the population. Over the years, Lime & Stone Production Company’s quarries have been winning awards:

Modi’im Quarry – has won 5 “Beauty Stars” every year since it entered the competition in 2010. In 2014 the quarry also won the “Beauty Banner”, which is granted after winning “Beauty Stars” for 5 consecutive years. In 2022 the quarry won 5 stars again.

Golani Quarry – entered the competition in 2011, and in 2015 won 5 “Beauty Stars” and a “Beauty Banner”.

Kadarim Quarry – Entered the competition in 2014, and since the year 2015 to 2022 was awarded 5 “Beauty Stars”.

Dragot Quarry   has own 5 “Beauty Stars” and a “Golden Star” in 2020. In 2021 the quarry won the “Beauty Banner”.


The Archeological Attraction at "Park Shoham"

As part of its co-operation with the community, Lime & Stone Co. has taken upon itself to assist in the refurbishment of ”the Tinshemt Ruins’ near the town of Shoham, which was discovered in 1986 in the course of preparations for the planting of trees in the Shoham forest, by the Jewish National Fund.

The archeological site contains the ruins of a Byzantine church of the 5th century A.D., in which the remains of an impressive mosaic artwork were discovered inside the church prayer hall, as well as an olive oil press facility.

The Israel Antiquities Authority, the Shoham Local Council, and the Jewish National Fund, assisted by Lime & Stone’s quarry which donated the raw materials for the project, co-operated in the refurbishment of this important archeological site and in making it an active study site for students.
The site forms a part of the Shoham Park forest, which is the first ‘Community Park’ to be established in Israel.