Casting a Raft in Petah Tikva

A continuous casting of a raft with a volume of 13,500 m3 in the industrial area of Petah Tikva for the company “Denya Cebus Ltd.” for the establishment of the foundations of the “Etgar Fuji Tower” office building.

The concrete supplied was of the type B-60 from five RMX plants in the central area, using 9 concrete pumps, and 1800 concrete mixers.


Blue Project

A project in north Tel Aviv, near the Glilot junction, which is planned as a private neighborhood. Casting a wide variety of concretes, using white cement extensively.

פרוייקט Blue סמוך לצומת גלילות

W Project

A skyscraper located in the “Tzameret Park” neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The tallest building in Israel built residential purposes only.

פרוייקט W בפארק צמרת

Ashkelon's Chimney

The construction of the IEC’s third chimney at the Rotenberg power plant in Ashkelon is similar to the one in Hadera. The chimney rises to a height of 220 meters. These chimneys are part of the environmental project to reduce emissions of polluting particles from coal-fired power plants.

הקמת הארובה השלישית של חברת החשמל בתחנת הכוח רוטנברג באשקלון