1962 The British-based “RMC Group” began to expand its activities outside of the U.K., and established Readymix Industries (Israel).
The hands that had cast the first cubic meter of concrete at the Company’s Ramat- Gan plant in December 1962, are the hands that have brought the Company to its present position.
In a desolate spot, virtually the middle of nowhere, surrounded by deep mud in winter and without any access roads, the first plant of Readymix Industries (Israel) was established. Today this area is known as Ramat-Gan. Close to the plant, a modest, two storey operation structure was built.

1963 Mr. Gideon Figel was appointed Managing Director.
Eventually, following the initial stages – the establishment of the plant, the arrival of the first vehicles, and the recruitment of the first six drivers – the Company arrived at the market penetration stage.
The Israeli industrial community was unfamiliar with ready-mixed concrete, although it had been very widely used since the end of World War II for the rebuilding of Europe after the War. Readymix employees drove their trucks and mixers around the building sites on the streets of Tel-Aviv and Ramat-Gan, introducing the new product and demonstrating its advantages.
The first concrete cast was carried out at the “Tnuvah” factory in Tel-Aviv, and the second one was ordered by the Israel Electric Company.

1968 The late Mr. Zvi Tamir was appointed Managing Director of the Company, until his retirement at the beginning of 1986.

1986 The late Mr. Amnon Dotan was appointed Managing Director .

1990 The late Mr. Amnon Dotan was appointed Chairman of the Company.
1990 Readymix Industries acquired 50% of the shares of “Lime & Stone Production Company Ltd.”, resulting in the expansion of the Company’s range of products and its entry into new fields of activity. Today, “Lime & Stone” is a leading producer of aggregates, blocks and lime.

1996 Readymix Industries entered into the production of concrete products for the underground infrastructure Sector, by acquiring a concrete products plant in the city of Ashdod.

2003 Mr. Ytzhak Bejerano was appointed Managing Director.

2005 Readymix Industries acquired the Concrete Division of “Lime & Stone Production Co. Ltd.”, which was integrated into the Concrete activities of Readymix.
2005 The acquisition of the former parent company, RMC, by CEMEX, was finalized.

2008 Mr. Yrzhak Bejerano was appointed Chairman of the Company.
2008 The Company completed the acquisition of the remaining 50% of the shares of “Lime & Stone Production Co. Ltd.”. Thus Readymix Industries became the sole shareholder with full control of “Lime & Stone”.This step constitutes another landmark in the strategy of the Readymix Group.

2023  Readymix enters the activity of construction, demolition and excavation waste recycling by acquiring control of “Shtang Recycle Gush Dan Ltd.”.