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Marketing and Sales Department

David Aloni 0505-665754 Deputy Manager, Marketing and Sales
Emanuel Carmi 0507-307442 Sales Manager
Pinhas Elbaz 0508-341582 Manager Shelter Products/Underground Containers
Hehud Biton 0506-568752 Infrastructure Sales Manager – South
Itamar Yaakobi 0542-324506 Development Products Sales Manager – South
Meir Edry 0508-341663 Sales Manager, Southern Region
Moshe Noy 0542-324184 Development Products Sales Manager – Jerusalem
Roni Rizner 0542-324509 Development Products Sales Manager – Center
Sharon Huly 0505-256419 Sales Manager, Central Region
Ofer Ben Eli 0508-213010 Sales Manager, Sharon Region
Moshe Nidam 0507-519017 Sales Manager, Northern Region
Moshe Ohayon 0508-341078 Sales Manager, Galilee Region
Lior Elbaz 0505-915490 Marketing Coordinator

Concrete Products Orders Department

Noga Gamlperb 0506-371527 Customer Relationship Supervisor – North and the Sharon region
Yigal Greenberg 0508-341434 Customer Relationship Supervisor – South and Jerusalem
Shalom Ohayon 0509-020134 Customer Relationship Supervisor – Center
Roi Katbi 0509-020480 Customer Relationship Supervisor – Projects

Development Products Orders Department

Department of Concrete Products Engineering

Yaniv Aharon 08-8548878 Chief Engineer
Eyal Levy 08-8548875 Director of the TPI Department
Phaina Levtman 08-8548892 QA Engineer
Tzachi Cohen 08-8548874 Engineering Planning tzachi.cohen
Jenny Drayer 08-8548879 Engineered
Avishag Sakuri 08-8548888 Extension 807 Engineering Planning
Lilya Hodesh 08-8548888 Extension 813 Engineering Planning

Department of Engineering Development and Landscape Products

Irena Fledsher 08-6591419 QA and Technology Manageress
Alex Gliner 08-6591413 Planning and Logistic Manager

Accounting department