Concrete Admixtures


Admixtures are powder or liquid chemicals that are added to the concrete during the mixing process in the factory or in the concrete mixer, before it is cast, in order to improve some of the concrete features or to add features that do not exist in ordinary concrete.
Chemocrete, from the Readymix group, unites the chemical activity for the group’s construction.
The admixtures are basically divided into two types:
Plastic admixtures (plasticizers) and superplastic admixtures (super plasticizers). The main distinction being the ability of the admixture to reduce water and preserve or even improve the workability of the concrete.

About Chemocrete

Chemocrete Ltd. is a leading company engaged in the production, development and supply of concrete and plaster, for construction, infrastructure and prefabricated factories. The company’s product basket includes admixtures for concrete, plaster, fillers, white mortar, admixtures for prefabricated elements and for blocks.
The company has rich knowledge and experience of over fifty years of activity in the admixtures’ development, to promote technologies for the planning and design of construction, restoration and repair of buildings. The company’s admixtures are the technological brain, that gives the building’s materials the required features according to the design definitions and building needs. Proper use of admixtures allows improvement and efficiency of work processes, improved features and saving
resources and time.

Chemocrete products are leading construction technologies in Israel through the investment of research and development resources for products, advanced technologies and solutions for the construction industry. The company manufactures to the highest standards in accordance with the requirements of the standard mark and out of concern for the environment and conforms to the ISO 9001 quality mark and its products bearing an Israeli standard mark.

The company sees its customers at the center of its activity, accompanies, advises and assists from the planning stages, up to obtaining the best results.
Chemocrete is part of the Readymix Industries Group (Israel) Ltd., the leading company in the field of production and supply of raw materials for the construction industry in Israel, which operates more than 60 factories throughout the country.
The Readymix customers enjoy a wide range of products and services with an emphasis on quality, excellent service, professionalism and innovation. The Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. is owned by CEMEX, a global company that spreads in about 50 countries around the world and a world leader in the field of construction solutions

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We produce various types of admixtures for the ready-mixed concrete industry.

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