Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Web site of Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Company”).
Please read this ‘Privacy Policy’ (hereinafter: “the Privacy Policy”) carefully.
Accessing and/or using the site (hereinafter: “The Site”) are subject to the ‘Privacy Policy’. If you do not agree fully and without reservation to the contents of the ‘Privacy Policy’, then please stop using the Site at once. Accessing and/or using the Site are also subject to the ‘Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site’.

1. General

The Company, including its associated companies (which in this Chapter shall be jointly referred to as “the Company”), respects the privacy of anyone who visits the Site. The ‘Privacy Policy’ detailed hereunder, refers to the type of information that the Company is entitled to collect, as well as to the means and purpose of processing the information. This Company policy will also guide and direct users of the Site on how to act in the event that they do not wish to have their personal data collected or disclosed to others as a result of their use of the Site.

The Company may at any time change the ‘Privacy Policy’ by updating this document, and your use of the Site constitutes acceptance of such changes.

2. Personal Information and Information Management

The Company does not collect personally identifiable information about individuals, except when individuals provide such information on a voluntary basis through the ‘Contact Us’ box, such as by registering with the Site or sending e-mail or other communications to or through the Site. The Company shall maintain appropriate safeguards, consistent with the standards of the industry, to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of information collected from users of the Site.

Some of the services offered by the Site necessitate registration with the Site via the ‘Contact Us’ box. To register, you will be required to submit information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc., in order to enable you to receive the services offered by the Site and additional information.

The Company may keep and manage a database and process any data relating to the users (such as: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the like) (hereinafter: “the Personal Data” or “the Personal Details”) which may come to the Company’s knowledge by users’ use of the Site and by users providing it on a voluntary basis. The Company undertakes that in so far as it may keep a data base as mentioned above, the data base will be used and managed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel relevant to these matters.

The Company may share the Personal Data with its associated companies, provided the sharing is done for operational purposes, or for reasons relating to the Web with the purpose of improving communication with users, or for statistical or historical reasons. In addition to the above, for the purpose of promoting, supporting and creating a contractual association between the Company and users of the Site, the Company may share Personal Data with third parties that assist the Company in achieving the above mentioned purposes.

If a user is opposed to having his Personal Data collected, saved, stored or processed in any of the ways described above, then such a user should refrain from providing his Personal Data to the Company as mentioned above.

A user who agrees to the above mentioned terms with reference to the collection, storage and processing of his Personal Data in accordance with these terms, may exercise any right to which he is entitled under the Israeli Law for the Protection of Privacy. Users of the Site who wish to exercise their right as mentioned above shall do so by application via the Site.

Should the Company be required by a court of law to collect and/or submit and/or disclose a user’s Personal Data, the Company shall not bear any responsibility or liability towards that user or anyone acting on his behalf.

Should a user of the Site submit his Personal Details directly to any third party, then the Company shall not be liable for all matters or consequences relating to the use which the third party makes of that user’s Personal Details. In such event the user alone shall be fully and exclusively responsible for examining the terms of the relevant privacy policy prior to transmitting his Personal Details to any third party via the Web or the Site.

The Company shall not be liable in any way whatsoever should a user of the Site inform or transmit or submit to the Company or any third party – whether through the services offered by the Site or through its contents or by his own wish – the Personal Details of another person (including, without limitation – name, address, e-mail address, telephone number etc.), without the user’s having received the other person’s consent. In such a case such transmission or submission of information shall be at the sole risk of the user.

3. Additional Information

In some cases certain technical, not personally identifiable, information may be collected automatically (for instance, not via registration), whilst a user is connected to or browsing through the Site. Examples of such information include the type of browser or the type of computer system or the name of the domain of the site which the user is using in order to connect to the Site.

4. Use of ‘Cookies’

When a user enters, visits or browses through the Site, certain information may be transferred to the user’s computer hard drive or any other electronic means used by the user. Such information would be in the form of ‘Cookies’, which are small text files stored into the computer or other electronic means used by the user, and which are not aware of any other files or documents stored in the computer or the other electronic means used to access the Site, or any other similar files which serve mainly, among other purposes, to assist users in obtaining various services, as well as for statistical purposes. For example, Cookies make it possible to adapt the Web Site so that it can provide better solutions to users’ and visitors’ preferences and interests. Most browsers offer the possibility of rejecting Cookies, deleting them from the computer or other electronic means used, or receiving a warning sign before the Cookies are stored in the computer or the other electronic means. In order to learn more about these uses, please see the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ relevant to browsers, or see the computer’s Help screens.

5. Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Subject to the statements set forth above in this document concerning disclosure of a user’s Personal Details to the Company’s associated companies and/or to third parties, for the purposes mentioned above, the Company shall take reasonable precautions to safeguard users’ privacy, in accordance with the Law For Protection of Privacy and in order to prevent the Personal Data from being transferred to third parties (in the case that said Data contains personally identifiable information), except, however, in the following cases:

a) In case of a breach by the user of the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site’ or the terms of the ‘Privacy Policy’ or the terms of using the services and/or in the event that a user and/or anyone acting on his behalf acts or tries to act, via the Site and/or in relation to the Site, in a manner which is contrary to the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site’ and/or the terms of the ‘Privacy Policy’ and/or the terms of any law.

b) In the case that the Company is required by a court of law to submit the information to third parties.

c) In the case of any dispute, complaint, claim, demand and/or legal proceedings between the user and/or anyone acting on his behalf, and the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf.

d) In the case that the Company has reason to believe that disclosure of the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to its property and/or personal damage to the Company, the user and/or to third parties.

e) In order to expose and/or prevent any violation of the laws of the State of Israel.

6. Safeguarding Information

The Company has introduced into the Site and operates therein information systems and procedures for the safeguarding of information. However, there is no commitment on the part of the Company that the functions contained in the Site or any materials or content contained therein will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, and/or that the Site will be utterly impervious to unauthorized entrance and/or penetration into the Company’s data bases, and users hereby confirm their awareness of the fact that the Company shall not bear any responsibility for any damage and/or loss, direct or indirect, caused thereby.

7. Links

The Site may contain links to third parties’ sites over which the Company has no control. The Company’s ‘Privacy Policy’ does not apply to those sites and the Company is not responsible for the privacy policies, the privacy protection terms and the terms of use which govern those sites.

8. Policy Acceptance

By using the Site, the user signifies his assent to this ‘Privacy Policy’. If you do not agree to the Policy, please do not use the Site. Your continued use of the Site signifies your acceptance of this Policy and any revisions thereto. The Company reserves the right to change this Policy at any time.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this ‘Privacy Policy’, please contact the Company through the Site.