Lime & Stone

Lime & Stone Production Company Ltd. is Israel’s largest producer of aggregates.
The Company was established in 1935.
Lime & Stone operates quarries which produce aggregates of the highest quality. The Company has made a significant contribution to the development of Israel’s infrastructure of highways, ports, airports, residential, commercial and industrial buildings, and the National Water Carrier. The company also specializes in breakwater materials.
The Company has been adapting itself to the growing importance of preserving the environment, and has therefore been devoting great efforts to protect the environment surrounding its operations by operating anti-pollutant equipment.
With a highly qualified technical and engineering staff, further emphasis is placed on developing new technologies and state-of-the-art know-how.

תעשיית אבן וסיד


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Production Process

View the specific animated processes to learn more about how we extract aggregates from quarries.