Concrete Division

The Concrete Division provides its customers with a variety of technological services both through teams of engineers and technologists in the field and through the main laboratory located in the Hefer Valley. In order to provide a wide solution for all types of projects, different solutions are provided

The Central Laboratory

The Central Laboratory is in charge of quality inspections and follow-up on the compliance of the Group’s production with the required Standards, at all stages of production, from the raw materials to the production process itself. The laboratory is ISO9002 approved and complies with the required Israeli and foreign Standards wherever such Standards are relevant. The laboratory provides services for the whole Readymix Group.

Operation, Maintenance, and Haulage

The Haulage Department operates a fleet of about 35 tipper-trucks which transport raw materials (sand, aggregates) to the plants, and 400 truck-mixers which supply concrete to the building sites. The Maintenance Department carries out repairs at the plants, handles improvement of production processes at the plants, and assists in the establishment of new plants.


The Department formulates Purchase Agreements with suppliers outside the Group. The Procurement Department serves all of the Group’s operating units.