Ready Mortar Products

Ready mortar is the protective cover of the building.

Readymix has a variety of ready mortar products for indoor and outdoor use, that contain all the ingredients that will allow you easy, fast and convenient application and of course durability over time.

Readymix ready mortar brands are as follows:
Ready Mortar – Readymix’s flagship brand in the world of ready mortar. Innovative and advanced ready mortar.
It has improved strength and adhesion features that provides great durability over time and carries an Israeli Standard mark.

Cement Base Ready Mortar – Delayed cementicious ready mortar, that is suited for various elements.
All our ready mortar products are arriving when they are ready to use and can be mechanized or applied manually in residential, industrial, offices and any work environment.

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Interior Coating

Innovative and advanced Cementite ready mortar, which has improved strength and adhesion features, carries an Israeli Standard mark and has great durability over time.

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טיח פנים

Exterior Coating

Innovative and advanced cement ready mortar for exterior covering, layering and hanging of hard cladding.

Exterior Coating


Hanging of Hard Cladding

טיח חוץ

Marine Environment

Ready mortar system for marine environment.
Delayed, innovative and advanced cementitious ready mortar with improved features of strength, adhesion and resistance for crossing water steam.
Designed for outdoor application as a two-layer ready mortar, when close to the sea.

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מערכת טיח לסביבה ימית

Infrastructure Products

High-quality mortar mixtures for ready mortar preparation, ready mortar repairs, base for flooring and construction blocks

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תערובות טיט איכותיות להכנת טיח, תיקוני טיח, תשתית לבנייה


The Readymix Group ready mortar products can be stored in the safest way.

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אחסון מוצרי טיח