Green Construction

Readymix is Leading a Revolution in the World of the Green Construction

Buildings are one of the main causes of energy consumption and gas emissions, and are responsible for about 40% of global energy consumption. Since energy consumption in buildings is significant and in light of global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, the goal of reducing these emissions from buildings is important. Green construction is one of the ways to achieve this goal. And this is where Readymix comes into the picture and presents for the first time in Israel its compliance with the requirements of the International EPD, which contributes to receive the credit points required for the building according to the Green Building Law Israel Standard 5281.

The document confirming the acceptance of the standard for Readymix was published in the prestigious and international library EPD. This is nothing less than an unprecedented achievement in Israel and in the entire world, since as part of Readymix`s many efforts in developing advanced technology that meets the requirements of the future in terms of protecting the environment and producing green products.

The first part of this revolution was with receiving the green mark from the Israeli Standards Institute for all Ready Mortar products, an innovative and established plaster that is the flagship brand of Readymix in the plaster world.


The second part was when receiving the EPD (Environment Product Declaration) for all the concrete types of the group B-30 up to B-60 inclusive.


The EPD sign is actually an international certification that gives a certificate to products that have performed a complete life cycle analysis (LCA). This procedure performs a very detailed measurement of the total operations to produce the product and the environmental impact of these operations.


The third act was upon receipt of a mark “produced in Israel”.

A real revolution in the world of construction.

The Group's Products and their Labeling for Green Construction

We place the health and safety of our employees at the top of our list of priorities, and monitor our progress in this matter on an on-going basis.


Approved Standards for Green Construction