Approved Standards for Green Construction

EPD Approval for Concrete

Thanks to the development efforts of the group’s Technology Division and Environmental Quality
department, a full LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) procedure was carried out, which gives most of the
products manufactured by Readymix a registered EPD mark, and places it as the only concrete
manufacturer in the construction field that meets the requirements of advanced international

EPD Approval for Concrete B-30 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-30
EPD Approval for Concrete B-40 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-40
EPD Approval for Concrete B-50 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-50

EPD Approval for Concrete B-60 EPD Certificate for Concrete EB-60

Marine Environment Mortar Base Layer Mortar
Exterior Mortar Floor Mix Mortar
FM Fast Mortar Interior Mortar

Green Mark

As a group that has made the subject of sustainability a priority, we make sure to use
environmentally friendly materials, and even make sure to produce the following products as
products with a green label

Ready Mortar Products
Kiryat Bialik Plant
Ready Mortar Products
Modiim Plant
Redy Mortar Products
Ashdod Plant

TOPMIX Products TOPMIX Thermal plaster