Climatic changes are one of the key issues facing human society today.
Readymix is dedicated to building a better future for our and future generations, and is committed to sustainability in all of its operations.
Energy consumption today is ten times that of 70 years ago, mainly due to the increase in world population and the industrial revolution. Readymix focuses its efforts on developing sustainable and advanced products, services and solutions for its customers in the Building Sector. Because of the rise in energy consumption, a record quantity of hothouse gases, mainly CO2, has been released into the atmosphere. Emissions of hothouse gases are created by various sources, including agriculture, waste materials and changes in land zoning. However, burning fossil fuel from industrial activity, vehicles, and buildings, causes 61% of total emissions of hothouse gases worldwide.
The industry alone produces 21% of that quantity. The Company takes this issue very seriously, and has been taking steps towards reducing CO2 emissions at all of its operations, making every possible effort to minimize its environmental footprint.

Readymix seeks to reduce any impact its operations may have on the environment, throughout the company’s value chain, via co-operation with its stakeholders, and contributes to sustainable construction by research and development, in order to offer products and solutions with a lesser impact on the environment, as well as by making efficient use of construction materials.

Readymix’ efforts to reduce its CO2 footprint are at the top of the company’s priority list. Readymix is working towards the formation of a responsible, profitable and sustainable Building Industry, joining forces with governments, universities, customers, and other stakeholders.

Health & Safety

We place the health and safety of our employees at the top of our list of priorities, and monitor our progress in this matter on an on-going basis.


The Environment

We are committed to reducing the impact of our plants, quarries, and logistics, on the communities that surround them.


Sustainability Principles

Because of the great significance of the sustainability challenges facing human society, we have made sure that Sustainability constitutes part of our business strategy.


2020 Integrated Report

Please see Integrated Report: Safe – Essential – Resilient