Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. Group

The Readymix Industries (Israel) Ltd. Group is Israel’s leading producer and supplier of raw materials for the Construction Industry.
Readymix’s plants and its affiliates are stretching from Kiryat-Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.

In addition to producing ready-mixed concrete, the Company manufactures a wide range of essential raw materials for the Building Industry and products for the Infrastructure Sector, including mortar mixes, aggregates, chemical admixtures,  ready mortar, ready-mixed concrete products and white cement.
Recently, Readymix acquired control of the “Shtang Recycle” company, which has a contract for the operation and maintenance of a construction waste recycling facility at the Hirya site.
Investments in advanced production technologies, together withe xpansion and highly successful acquisitions, have enabled the Concern to maintain its position as the leader in the Sector.

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